8 of the strangest laws around the world revealed

Overseas property experts at YourOverseasHome.com have revealed eight of the strangest laws that Brits should adhere to whether they’re simply visiting or moving abroad.

1. You must wear speedos in France

Thanks to a little known law from 1903, all men and boys must wear fitting swimwear at public pools in France. Looser shorts are deemed to be unhygienic.

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2. Don't chew gum in Singapore

After vandals used chewing gum to mess with Singapore’s Transit system and the Housing Board spent thousands a year to clean gum litter, Singapore banned all gum substances in 1992.

This means anyone importing, selling or making chewing gum in Singapore can get fined and even given jail time.

3. Don’t run out of fuel on the German autobahn

Car enthusiasts and speed demons love trips along the German Autobahn, as they give drivers the change to drive at over 100mph - but make sure you don’t run out of fuel along the way, otherwise you could face a hefty fine.

4. Don't feed pigeons in Venice

In 2008, city officials banned feeding the local pigeons that frequent one of Venice’s most picturesque spots, Saint Mark’s Square. This was in a bid to stop them ruining the UNESCO status city. This is because authorities claimed pigeons were eating away at the city’s marble statues and buildings

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5. Keep your shirt on in Thailand

In Thailand, it's illegal for men to drive without a shirt on, as indicated in the Criminal Code from 1956.

Section 388 of the code stipulates that any person who performs a disgraceful act in public by undressing himself shall be liable to a fine not exceeding 500 baht, which is about £11-£12.

6. No flushing after 10pm in Switzerland

In Switzerland, it is common courtesy to not flush your toilet between 10pm and 7am as it may disturb other people’s sleep.

Even though this is not a strict blanket ban or government mandated, landlords in Switzerland are given a free reign to set their own house rules.

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7. Don't walk around in your swimsuit in Spain

It is generally frowned upon to walk around in a bikini or swim shorts in most countries, but in Spain this transgression can lead to a fine of up to 300 euros in cities like Barcelona and Malaga.

8. No high heels at ancient sites in Greece

Since 2009, Greece has forbidden visitors to wear high heels at some of the country’s most famous ancient monuments.

Sharp-soled shoes were adding to the wear and tear of national treasures like the Pantheon in Rome.

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