Aldi is selling a popular sausage roll maker for less than £15 - and a mini pie maker

YouTube LadBaby video on the new sausage roll maker from AldiYouTube LadBaby video on the new sausage roll maker from Aldi
YouTube LadBaby video on the new sausage roll maker from Aldi

Aldi has unveiled a new sausage roll maker for those who can’t resist one of the meaty or vegan pastry delicacies. 

The Ambiano Sausage Roll Maker is already proving popular after YouTube star LadBaby posted a video raving about the new device.

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It is priced at just £14.99 and is available in stores now. 

The supermarket has also launched a mini pie maker for savoury or sweet options.

What is the new sausage roll maker?

It has the capacity to cook four sausage rolls due to its non-stick cooking plates.

It features a ‘cool touch’ handle and an automatic temperature control, doing all the hard work for you.

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The device doesn’t just cook sausage rolls to perfection, but other delicious foods too.

You can always try something a little sweeter such as a fruit turnover.

What did LadBaby say in his video about the maker?

In his video, Lad Baby says he was able to make sausage rolls in just 12 minutes using the machine.

He boasted the device filled his home with the smells of the delicious pastry. 

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Demonstrating how to use the machine, the video also shows his reaction and final verdict of the new gadget. 

What is the new mini pie maker?

Not only has the supermarket launched a device to make sausage rolls, but it has also brought out a new gadget to cook delicious mini pies.

It works the same as a toastie maker - but for pies. 

To use the gadget you put some prepared pies into the slots, close the lid and you will be served with eight homemade pastries in minutes. 

You can also go sweet or savoury with this maker too.

It is priced at a little more than the sausage roll maker at £19.99, but it can cook a variety of goodies. 

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