Asda launches Just Essentials range with food cheaper than Aldi - see price list

Asda is extending its rewards loyalty scheme scheme to an extra 32 UK stores (Photo: Shutterstock)Asda is extending its rewards loyalty scheme scheme to an extra 32 UK stores (Photo: Shutterstock)
Asda is extending its rewards loyalty scheme scheme to an extra 32 UK stores (Photo: Shutterstock)

Asda has launched a Just Essentials budget range, replacing its Smart Price collection, as people continue to struggle against the cost of living crisis.

The new range consists of 293 products.

Some of the food products available include fresh meat, fish and poultry, bakery, frozen and cupboard staples. 

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It will also include essential household and toiletry products, such as washing-up liquid, toilet roll, laundry powder, shampoo and conditioner.

Where will the range be available? 

Over 60 products will be available in stores and online this week, including fresh meat, fish and a selection of fresh produce, the Mirror Reports. 

The supermarket giant says 130 items will be available to buy by the end of June, increasing to 267 products by August 13.

The remaining 26 products will land in stores by the end of the year.

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Asda will stock the full range in all 581 of its food stores and online.

The supermarket says it will continue to sell Smart Price products until the phased roll-out of Just Essentials is complete.

What was said?

Sam Dickson, vice president of Asda brand and propositions, said: “Nine out of ten of our customers have told us they are concerned about the cost-of-living crisis, with 44% of them saying they’re actively looking for ways to make their grocery budget go further.

“We’ve developed Just Essentials by Asda to offer our customers the same value they know and love from our Smart Price range, but across a much larger and more diverse range of products, and with a bold brand that is hard to miss.

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“Our mission is to meet all household needs through Just Essentials by Asda, and ensure that families can enjoy nutritious food, no matter their budget.”

What items are in Asda Just Essentials and how much are they?

Asda has introduced some of its new Just Essentials range. So far the supermarket has listed:

  • Garlic bread (170g) - 32p
  • Sultana scones (ten pack) - 49p
  • Macaroni cheese (400g) - £1.18
  • Fish pie (400g) - £1.30
  • Cheese and tomato snack pizza (114g) - 49p
  • Ham and cheese snack pizza (114g) - 52p
  • Cheese and tomato pizza (300g) - 99p
  • Pepperoni pizza (292g) - £1.20
  • Whole chicken (typically 1.2kg) - £2.48

Whether or not these are the cheapest price, depends on what you're buying. 

Asda has a 170g garlic bread listed online for 32p, which price matches Aldi

However, a small cheese and tomato pizza from Aldi (114g) cost 55p, versus 52p from Asda.

Asda also sells a cheaper 400g macaroni cheese, costing £1.18 at the supermarket.

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