Brits pledge to splurge away

VYPR research has revealed Brits are committed to treating themselves now more than ever. Four out of five respondents said they simply deserved it.

Research by frozen pie brand Holland's Pies discovered Brits haven't had the chance to indulge in themselves throughout the pandemic. In addition, the majority are vowing to do so now because of spending too much time at work.

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The most common ways Brits reward themselves

  1. A date night with the other half (20%)
  2. A pampering session (16%)
  3. A special home-cooked meal (15%)
  4. Going to the cinema, an exhibition, or other activity (15%)
  5. Buying a new outfit (12%)
  6. An alcoholic beverage after work (7%)

Leanne Holcroft, brand manager at Holland's Pies said: "Our research shows just how much people see the value in little things.

Whether it's a well-earned drink after a hard day at work or a trip to the cinema, these day-to-day rewards turn things around for us."

Pie lovers can get their hands on the new range from selected Tesco stores around the UK from Monday March 14 with the collection landing in Morrison's later this month.

To help make mealtimes special, Holland's Pies have launched a brand new collection of Dining In pies, available in twin packs across two tasty flavours: Steak & Gravy and Chicken & Gravy.