Cost of living: Money saving tips for Halloween 2022 - from when to carve a pumpkin to best shops for sweets

Halloween can be expensive - and after grocery price inflation hit 13.9% in the last 12 weeks, people will looking for ways to make their money go further this spooky season

Halloween can be a costly affair whether you’re grappling with a cost of living crisis or not. The holiday often goes hand-in-hand with spending lots of money on lavish parties as well as plentiful amounts of sweets for the kids.

However, food prices have hit record highs this October, rising at their fastest pace in 14 years. Research states that grocery price inflation hit 13.9% in the last 12 weeks alone.

Many will be looking to tighten the purse strings this spooky season as a result. But it doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Halloween in style this year, as there are plenty of ways to have a fun night on budget.

Here money saving expert and director of online supermarket Britsuperstore, Richard Price, outlined his top tips for cutting down your supermarket bill. From choosing the right time to carve a pumpkin to where to shop for the best deals on sweets, these tips should ensure your Halloween is more treat than trick.

Carve your pumpkin at the right time

Anytime in October in the run-up to Halloween (October 31) is a perfectly appropriate time to purchase your pumpkin. But when the pumpkin is carved and hollowed out, it will last around 5 to 10 days - so make sure to time it right to avoid any unnecessary additional purchases.

Check the reduced sections for discounted products and deals

Try risking it and shopping the night before Halloween to find reduced sweet treats. Although sell-by and best before dates are usually time-sensitive, you can save significant amounts of money by shopping in these sections. Reduced sections can often have offers of up to 75% off products.

Use club cards and loyalty cards - and be aware of discounts

This is an easy way to pick up rewards and regular discounts on branded products. Also make use of supermarket discounts/sales by collecting coupons and bulk buy snacks when a local supermarket has a deal on them.

Use budget shops for sweets and drinks

Shops like Home Bargains, Poundland and B&M are great for good value branded chocolate and sweets. Head to Lidl and Aldi for own-brand budget spirits - no one will notice if it’s in a punch or a cocktail. Also, ask guests to bring a tipple of their choice too to help save on any costs.

Children pose for a picture as they go trick-or-treating for Halloween in east London.

Bulk buy sweets

When bulk buying, you can check the label of the product and it will tell you the price per kilogram. Big bags and bulk products usually work out cheaper, so stocking up on certain items will help you save money in the long run. Warehouse clubs or wholesale clubs like Costco or Food Warehouse are usually a good option for bulk purchases.

Set a budget, do the basics and make a list

Know how much you want to spend. Don’t shop hungry or with children when stocking up on sweets for Halloween, and always write out your shopping list before you leave the house. This ensures you don’t impulse buy nonessential items and helps you to avoid waste and overspending.

Substitute big brands for lower-priced store brands

Buying own brand products can often cut the cost of your supermarket shop by 30%, according to a Money Saving Expert. So, doing this will help you get more for your money at a discounted price. Aldi and Lidl offer great own brand sweets and chocolate that are almost identical to branded products.

Children pose for a picture as they go trick-or-treating for Halloween in east London.

Don’t just shop at eye level

It sounds silly but you can often get similar items for much less if you look at the shelves above and below you. This is because marketers tend to put full priced and more expensive items straight in front of you. Some items will be marked up especially for Halloween so make sure to do some digging to find the real deals.