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Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II's time on the throne with some right royal gems to impress family and friends (pictured below)

Check out just a few below and pick up this week's First News to read them all!

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  1.  CROWNING GLORY! The St Edward's Crown that the Queen wore on her coronation day on 2nd June 1953 weighs 4 pounds, 12 ounces. That's about the same as a brick!

2. WILD GIFTS! In 1968, Brazil gave the Queen a sloth and two black jaguars. She often receives                    animals and gives them to ZSL London Zoo.

3. FIRST FEMALE PM! The Queen swore in the first female Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in                        1979.

4. QUEEN GARY!  When Prince William was young, he called the Queen "Gary!" instead of grandma!

5. TOP DOG! The Queen is credited with inventing a new dog breed - the Dorgi is a mix between                      the corgi and the Dachshund.

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6. JUST JOKING! Some American tourists met the Queen out walking in Scotland and didn't                               recognise her. They asked if she'd ever met the Queen! Elizabeth II pointed to her security nd                       said, "No, but he has!"

7. ROYAL BATTLE! The Queen is the longest-reigning monarch in Britain- ever! Queen Victoria was                    on the throne for 64 years!


It's jellyfish season! Jellyfish can be found in UK waters all year round, but in summer tens of thousands of them group together in jellyfish 'blooms'. Careful, they can sting!


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By Sophie

I would like to spread awareness about Peat to protect it.

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Peat is also known as turf and is a mixture of partially decayed vegetation or organic matter. It is unique to natural areas called peatlands.

When my mum told me how important peat is for the climate and wildlife, I couldn't believe we are digging it up!

Did you know that peatlands hold twice as much carbon as all the world's forests but cover just 3% of the earth's surface? I am sure, if people knew, they would not buy peat compost.

I made cakes and gave these out when I asked people to sign my petition. I got nearly 100 signatures and got into the school newsletter!


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