Get paid £500 to drink tea and test the ultimate Builder’s Brew

A marketplace connecting DIY enthusiasts and the construction industry with materials suppliers wants to pay three people £500 each to drink tea. In particular, the group will test the ‘ultimate Builder’s Brew’.

Get paid to drink tea is looking for its first band of ‘Builder’s Brewers’ to discover what makes the best tea. This is by testing out different tea brands, milks, the addition of sugar and sweeteners. Furthermore, the marketplace is hiring for the unusual role to assist with on-site content research.

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The role is designed to further the research and development of the supply industry (photo: materials market)The role is designed to further the research and development of the supply industry (photo: materials market)
The role is designed to further the research and development of the supply industry (photo: materials market)

The successful candidates will be paid to sample different types of tea and making methods. For example, milk first, tea bag first and hot water first.

Each ‘Builder’s Brewer’ will record their opinions on each one and report back to In addition, the brewers will have to judge the tea's optimal drinking temperature.

Moreover, they will decide what type of drinkware is best (mugs or flasks) and what type of biscuits are best for ‘dunking’.

How to apply

Tea enthusiasts can apply for the role here. The closing date for applications is Friday 18th February 2022. Successful candidates will be selected soon after.

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As well as the £500 payment, the testers will receive a free supply of different brands of English breakfast tea. Likewise, they will receive sugars, biscuits and a range of milks to sample. The ‘Builder’s Brewers’ will be expected to try the different combinations of the popular drink.

The job culminates when they are invited to see their employer to demonstrate their findings. They will be judged internally by the leadership team.

Criteria of the role

No previous qualifications or experience are required for the role. However, the marketplace has stated applicants must be over the age of 18 and love tea. The marketplace also confirmed people with allergies and various diets are welcome to apply.

Although the term ‘Builders Brew’ wasn’t coined until the late 1900’s, its existence came to prominence in the UK in the early 70s. A ‘Builders Brew’ is known to be a strong, sweet tea made with cows’ milk and often multiple teaspoons of sugar.

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Therefore, the marketplace wants to enhance its on-site content. Also, the industry wants to give its users better insights on how to the best beverage whilst at work.

Improving the supply industry is a marketplace seeking to improve efficiency in the construction supply industry. Essentially, this works by providing speedy delivery times and affordable pricing. It also aims to match the customer and supplier, saving time, money, and stress.

Samuel Hunt co-founder of, said: “How to make a cup of tea is something us Brits love to debate. I often get berated for adding milk first when making tea.

There is no doubt we all have our methods and go-to tea brands. However, at, we want to discover which method and brand is best.

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“We hope by hiring a range of people across the country we will be able to discover the best tasting tea for everyone. If you’re a tea enthusiast and fancy putting different methods to the test, please apply now!”