Greggs adds 7 new Christmas items to festive menu 2022 - what they are, prices

Greggs has added some extra Christmas treats to its festive menu for 2022 - here’s what they are.

Greggs fans can now get their hands on sweet treats added to the festive menu, including Christmas Cake Slices, Christmas Shortbread Bites, Christmas Biscuits and Christmas Bun. The Christmas menu items join the beloved Festive Bake along with a range of savoury options including the Pigs under Blankets Baguette and the Vegan Turkey Free & Stuffing Baguette.

Greggs has announced some sweet treat additions to its 2022 Christmas menu after releasing the bulk of the menu last month. Greggs fans can now get their hands on some new festive snacks including Greggs’s Christmas Cake Slice, Christmas Shortbread Bites, Christmas Biscuits and Christmas Bun in addition to the existing Christmas menu items.

The new sweet treats will join the host of savoury seasonal favourites that returned to Greggs shops in November, including the much-loved Festive Bake and Vegan Festive Bake, Pigs Under Blankets Baguette and the all-new Vegan Turkey-Free & Stuffing Baguette.

New additions to Greggs Christmas menu 2022

Greggs’s sweet festive menu items, which are now available in Greggs shops across the UK, can be found below.

Christmas Cake Slice - From £1.20

Christmas Shortbread Bites (6pk) - From £1.60

Christmas Tree Biscuit - From £1.05

Christmas Star Biscuit - From£1.05

Christmas Bun - From £1.00

Christmas Chocolate Cake - From £1.20

Sweet Mince Pies - From 60p each

Greggs has announced some new additions to its festive menu

Greggs Christmas menu 2022

Vegan Turkey-Free & Stuffing Baguette - from £3.50

Pigs Under Blankets Baguette - from £3.50

Festive Bake - from £1.80

Vegan Festive Bake - from £1.80

Mint Mocha - from £2.30

Mint Hot Chocolate - from £2.30

Salted Caramel Latte - from £2.30

Christmas Lunch Soup - from £2.30

Cold Brew Latte - from £1.55

Cold Brew Caramel Latte - from £1.55