“I feel so left out” - Furious fans react on social media to issues accessing Spotify Wrapped 2021

Spotify’s hotly-anticipated yearly roundup of music tastes has dropped worldwide, with listeners seeking to find out who their top artist of 2021 is - but not everyone can find that out.

The popular Wrapped 2021 finally dropped on devices on Wednesday, and customers were told they could access it through the Spotify app.

However, a suspected bug has locked a number of desperate listeners from viewing their musical roundup for the calendar year - and people are not happy.

At some point in December every year, users receive lists of the tracks, artists, and podcasts that they have listened to the most.

These are generated by a combination of total minutes listened and listen-count.

But this year’s iteration has hit a roadblock, with many users reporting that Wrapped 2021 is not showing up when they open the app despite being available.

Furious fans took to social media to react to the issues:

People are reporting that they can sometimes access Spotify Wrapped 2021 by clicking the link here