love at first flight: over half of brits admit to having a holiday romance

It wasn't just single people

It wasn't just single people

Holidaymakers in search of sun, sea, and sand are also looking for love according to new research, as over half (58%) of Brits admit to having a holiday fling. And it’s not just singles looking to mingle, with two in five (44%) confessing they were married or in relationship at the time. 

Many holidaymakers find love in their dream location (photo: shutterstock)

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    The data from mobile phone, gadget, and travel insurance companyloveit coverit, reveals what makes Brits open to finding a new conquest while on holiday, and why those in “committed” relationships have had their heads turned.   

    Different motives for finding love

     It’s clear that the allure of a holiday gets Brits lusting after love, as over two thirds (69%) admit it’s fun to have a quick fling when they know things will end once they return home. For others, holidays simply “bring it out in them” (66%), whilst three in five (60%) reveal their love life at home was non-existent.  

    For those already coupled up, the findings were even more surprising, with more than a third (35%) agreeing they wanted a good story to share when they got home. Just under a quarter (24%) say their partner at the time wasn’t giving them enough attention.  

    Reasons given by people in relationships as to why they had a holiday romance: 

    1.   It’s fun to have a quick fling when they know things will end once they return home (73%) 

    2.  Their love life at home was non-existent (64%) 

    3.  There’s something about holidays that bring it out in them (61%) 

    4.  They were drunk (51%)  

    5.  They wanted a good story to share back home (35%) 

    6.  They knew my partner would never find out (26%) 

    7.  Their partner at the time wasn’t giving them enough attention (24%) 

    8.  They were bored in their relationship (28%) 

    9.  They wanted to show their fling off on social media (21%) 

    Toby Stubbington, Managing Director at loveit coverit said: “We were intrigued to find out whether Brits find love on holiday, and while we all like to let loose and enjoy our time away, it clearly affects some more than others.