Millions of adults inspired by ‘Generation Sensible’ to cut out alcohol and save money

A study of 2,000 Brits found 38 per cent are mindful when it comes to drinking, and a quarter have consciously cut down their intake in the past year.


Health is the top reason for this new behaviour (32 per cent), while 15 per cent wanted to prevent waking up with gaps in their memory.


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A quarter cut back to avoid a hangover and 14 per cent felt being more mindful with their drinking would help them be fully present at events.


But three in 10 believe younger generations are leading the way when it comes to mindful drinking.


The study was commissioned by Harrogate Spring Water, which teamed up with Dr Alex George and TV celebrity bartender Merlin Griffiths to launch Royal Ascot’s first low and no alcohol bar.


Richard Hall, the brand’s managing director, said: “Our survey clearly shows how adults really are being more mindful about their alcohol intake post-lockdown as they now focus on creating memories from their experiences."

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Mindful drinking

Dr Alex George said: “Adopting a mindful approach with drinking is such a key way for us to look after ourselves and also make the most of our experiences.


“I find it so interesting that a sixth of those polled said not being fully present at an event in the past from drinking too much alcohol had influenced them to now be more mindful with their intake.


“With 26 per cent of people noticing that by cutting down they have a better memory of their experiences - you don’t need much more of an incentive to give it a try.


“I can’t wait for racegoers to come try out Merlin’s delicious non-alcoholic cocktail and have the opportunity to drink mindfully throughout their day.”


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The study also found 22 per cent have attended an event sober and enjoyed it.


These occasions include a work do (49 per cent), holiday (48 per cent) and the races (37 per cent).

Becoming more present

A sixth of those polled via OnePoll said not being fully present at an event in the past from drinking too much influenced them to be more mindful about their intake.


As a result of not drinking, many have noticed they have a better memory (26 per cent), increased motivation (18 per cent) and more productivity (18 per cent).


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It also emerged that when attending social events this year, making memories is the top priority for four in 10, while 37 per cent look forward to the socialising side.


Merlin Griffiths said: "I wanted to design a non-alcoholic cocktail that was flavourful, alive with lavender, lemon and a good dose of sparkling water, it was an exciting opportunity to partner with Harrogate on launching Royal Ascot’s first ever Mindful Drinking bar.


“Whatever your reason I truly believe that a mindful approach to drinking is a brilliant way to continue making your memories whilst drinking life in.”