New Calming Music may Comfort Frightened Pets

A new music channel is out for pets

An animal expert has teamed up with music app ROXi to curate a calming music channel for frightened pets.Pop legend Ed Sheeran will help prevent the nation’s dogs from hitting the woof amid terrifyingly loud firework displays on New Year’s Eve .

Soothing music may help pets settle better (photo: shutterstock)Soothing music may help pets settle better (photo: shutterstock)
Soothing music may help pets settle better (photo: shutterstock)

This came after one of his smash hits was picked for a pet-calming music video channel.Sheeran’s ‘Perfect’ features on the 175-minute loop, along with other songs by the likes of Norah Jones, Billie Eilish, Ronan Keating and Taylor Swift.

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The two separate channels were developed by free music App, ROXi, in collaboration with top UK pet behaviour specialist Professor Peter Neville. The playlist for pups consists mainly of music videos by female vocalists. For example, ‘Pure Shores’ by All Saints and Norah Jones’s ‘Don’t Know Why’, both feature lush green pastures and running water.

Many artists are featured on the channel

It also contains ‘Feel’ by ROXi backer Robbie Williams, with the music video featuring the superstar from Stoke on horseback amid a stunning mountain range. That coupled with his gentle, lilting voice will distract a worried dog, grab their attention and relax them during noisy firework displays.

Sade’s 1992 classic ‘No Ordinary Love’ is also featured. The music video shows the singer as a mermaid underwater among walls of coral reef and swaying marine shrubs. Sheeran’s track made it onto ROXi’s ‘New Year’s Eve: Destress Your Dog’ channel due to his gentle voice and the song’s slow and calming melody.

Rob Lewis, chief executive of ROXi said: “New Year’s Eve can really take its toll on our poor pets.The sound of fireworks with the sky lit up can really rattle them.”“Interestingly, our research found that one in four owners try to calm their pets by leaving the music on. But this year, we’re urging owners up the ante by tuning into music videos for their pets to watch on TV; a welcome distraction from what’s outside the window.”

Pet behaviourist Professor Peter Neville said: “All of these songs may keep your pets calm, either by the soothing effects of the melody or the calming visuals of the video, or both.”