Norwich couple discover keys from space and win £10k towards their house deposit!

A couple have won £10k towards their dream home

A Norwich couple have won £10,000 towards a house deposit! They found a pair of keys that were launched into space on Wednesday 19th January 2022. This was set up by property buyers, GoodMove.

A couple have found the keys to unlock their dream prize (photo: shutterstock)A couple have found the keys to unlock their dream prize (photo: shutterstock)
A couple have found the keys to unlock their dream prize (photo: shutterstock)

Find out more about the competition here

The keys were found on Thursday 20th January at 4pm on Low Road in Drayton, Norwich. The couple had been following the keys' live-streamed journey through the atmosphere.

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The difficulty of buying a house

GoodMove ran the initiative in light of their recent research1 revealing almost half (47%) of Britons find it impossible to save for a house deposit on their own. The majority (27%) take between 5-10 years to save up. Furthermore, house prices now standing at an average of £276,0912, there’s no better time to help someone in this situation to buy their own home.

Whilst the couple cannot be named, they have explained how the money will help them on their house buying journey: “My girlfriend showed me this competition where we had that quick laugh of ‘oh wouldn’t it be nice!’

We never thought anything like this would happen to us, let alone quite literally fall from the sky and into our home city. I was fortunate enough to go earlier today and find the key in the field.

“I definitely got very lucky as I think there was at least 3 or 4 others that quickly got onto Low Road and would have surely found it.

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Props to the lady hanging out of the window of the van searching! I really want to thank GoodMove for this life changing opportunity which is definitely going to make 2022 a good year.”

Nima Ghasri, Director at GoodMove comments further: “We know that the property market is especially volatile right now, and many Brits struggle to get their foot on the property ladder and buy their dream home.

“We really wanted to help anyone in this situation, but in a fun and exciting way and we’re thrilled that the keys were found.”