Recruiters admit women are being overlooked for tech roles

A joint survey by recruitment platform CodeinGame and tech platform CoderPad has revealed two thirds of recruiters say bias is an issue when it comes to tech hiring.

Despite efforts to make the tech sector more inclusive for women, less than a fifth of tech workers are female. To address this issue. many recruiters are taking steps to remove bias altogether.

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These solutions help recruiters focus on candidate experience and more accurately identify tech talent.

More than four-in-ten recruiters polled said they are already using or planning to use skills-based assessments to improve diversity. 

Recruiters were also asked what other measures companies have implemented or plan to implement to improve diversity in tech recruitment.

Three-in-ten said they were proactively sourcing diverse candidates, more than a quarter (28%) have increased awareness of unconscious bias, 28% write inclusive job descriptions and one-in-five have established diverse interview panels.

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(photo: Coderpad and Codeingame)(photo: Coderpad and Codeingame)
(photo: Coderpad and Codeingame)

Once hired, it’s also important that companies ensure there is a support network that makes women want to stay. For example, offering flexible working as part of an inclusive policy, to help try to combine family and professional life. This could include remote working to coincide with school pick-up times.

Amanda Richardson,  CEO of Coderpad said: "The tech industry is working towards a more diverse and inclusive community. I am proud of the progress we have made and will continue to achieve."

Aude Barral, co-founder of recruitment platform CodeinGame said: "Women should have equal opportunities as men. It's crucial that bias during the hiring process is removed."