The most valued work perks include flexible hours and a strong sense of ‘family’ between colleagues

A survey of 2,000 workers aged 18-41 revealed what they value when it comes to their careers, including the ability to meet new people, sample different roles and offer a good work-life balance to employees.

However, 78 per cent admitted a lack of social interaction would be a key consideration to changing jobs.

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In fact, 25 per cent of 18-41-year-olds thought about switching jobs in the past year due to concerns for their mental health.

But there was also a large generational divide, as 18 per cent of Gen Zs prioritise flexibility, while 34 per cent of Millennials consider a high salary to be important.

And 38 per cent of Gen Zs also value an employer which champions diversity, equity and inclusion, while 29 per cent of Millennials most value an employer that champions sustainability.

Steve Cassidy, senior vice president and managing director in UK and Ireland for Hilton, which commissioned the research, said: “Our research shows the pandemic has shifted how we think about work, and I am proud Hilton has continued to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of its teams.

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“We lead with culture and are fiercely committed to create a truly diverse and meaningful work environment where individuals are empowered with the tools, technology, and culture to unleash their full potential.”

Work-life balance is essential

The research also found having a good work-life balance was a key reason for 39 per cent of Millennials and Gen Zs staying in their current roles.

However, 66 per cent of Millennials and Gen Zs have considered a career in hospitality over the past 12 months.

of those, having flexible working hours (21 per cent), good travel perks (19 per cent) and career development opportunities (16 per cent) are what they valued from a job.

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Steve Cassidy, from Hilton, which is looking to recruit more than 1,400 team members across its hotels, added: “We know when we invest in our team members, our guests and communities also benefit.

“It’s why we’re so committed to providing so many benefits, from life-changing travel opportunities, to ensuring a sense of belonging for every team member.”

Top 10 most important work perks

1.            Job stability (54 per cent)

2.            Opportunities to earn more (50 per cent)

3.            Flexible working arrangements (41 per cent)

4.            Strong mental health and wellbeing policies (36 per cent)

5.            Performance recognition (35 per cent)

6.            Diversity and inclusion in the workplace (34 per cent)

7.            Parental leave policies (33 per cent)

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8.            Social interaction in the workplace (33 per cent)

9.            Extensive career development opportunities (32 per cent)

10.          Organisation has strong policies on social and environmental issues (31 per cent)