Tips to Manage Money over the Festive Period

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Christmas can come with a hefty bill

In the run up to Christmas it can be hugely difficult for many to manage larger utility bills. This goes along with wanting to treat loved ones for Christmas.

Join a webinar to improve money saving skills

For part of Talk Money Week, Asda Money has launched a webinar series in association with StepChange, a debt management charity. The content covers a range of topics from the Money and Pension Service, Mind, and Surviving Economic Abuse (SEA), to share their insight and advice on Asda’s YouTube channel.

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Webinars can help improve your money saving skills (photo: shutterstock)Webinars can help improve your money saving skills (photo: shutterstock)
Webinars can help improve your money saving skills (photo: shutterstock)

These webinars offer huge amounts of great advice around how to help manage finances which is a huge problem for many at the moment, but rarely spoken of. The topics provide relevant tips and advice on how to manage finances at work and home, advice on financial freedom and it’s connection to health.

It also explains the issue of economic abuse and how it impacts many people, significantly over the recent months and years - all of the five talks are available to watch back now. There will be five episodes uncovering various financial topics- money at home, the work-money balance, back to school, health and wellbeing and managing household finances.

Talk Money Week

Talk Money Week is an annual campaign, run by The Money and Pensions Service, to get the nation talking about money. This year the theme was ‘money secrets’, focusing on what money issues people are afraid to discuss.

This can be very common when managing increased winter finances, and also wanting to join the festivities and treat loved ones over Christmas.

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Talking about money helps

Katie Walley, Senior Director at Asda Money commented, “During Talk Money Week, Asda Money wanted to help break these taboo subjects. We understand that many people, including some of our customers, will face financial difficulties this winter due to current economic events.”

Andy Shaw, Debt Advice Policy Officer at StepChange also commented “Whether it’s sharing budgeting tips with friends, or discussing household bills with someone, your finances starts with being able to talk about them.

If you are interested in watching any of the sessions from the Lunch Money event, you can watch them on Asda’s YouTube channel here.

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