Top tips to keep your picnic food fresh when travelling

As the weather begins to heat up, dining alfresco amongst the stunning British landscape can be the perfect option for a family day out. But how can Brits keep their food fresh? have pulled together their four top picnic preparation tips, to keep your food fresh and flavoursome throughout the day.

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Plus, if you’re struggling to settle on a picnic backdrop, revealed the six best picnic spots to enjoy across the country, whether you’re watching the sunset with your partner or enjoying a fun family day out.

The top six UK picnic spots were revealed as:

  1. Loch an Eilein, Cairngorms National Park
  2. Plankey Mill, Northumberland
  3. Lake Vyrnwy, Powys
  4. Brownsea Island, Dorset
  5. Box Hill, Surrey
  6. Cotswold Way, Cotswolds

1.   Pick foods that will travel well

A picnic is all about the food. So, when preparing ahead, choose dishes and snacks that travel well and require little finishing touches. (pictured below)

You should always pick foods that are easy to prepare the night before and will last into the next day. Plus, choosing fresh local produce often means that they have a longer best-before date than supermarket produce.

2.   Pack your equipment

When transporting your food, picking the right containers can be the difference between your lunch being fresh or funky.

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Containers should be able to be locked tight to prevent warm air from circulating, so choose those with a latch lock or cool zip bags. If you are bringing liquid dishes such as soups, flask containers are great for retaining heat and preventing any spillages.

3.   Organisation is key

To keep your picnic platters freshly packed, it is always important to be super organised from the bottom up. When packing your foods, you should always start with heavier items on the bottom with the more delicate items on the top. This is to preserve your food and prevent it from getting crushed.

Pop your foods in either resealable bags or containers to stop them from getting wet, leaking or contaminating other foods. After all, tuna-flavoured cheese sandwiches aren’t always everyone’s go-to! Lidded mason jars  for salads, sides and condiments can maintain freshness as well as doubling as an Insta-worthy way to present food. Make sure when you’re packing that you are space-conscious and pack the food in bags just big enough to hold them – this helps stop warm air from circulating!

4.   Keep it cool

In transit, your food can get warm and stuffy if you don’t keep your food cool. Choosing a cool bag or container can deflect any heat and help keep your food fresher for longer. To create the ultimate conditions for your food you can use ice packs to line the bottom and tops of your bags and containers. On the bottom, place the heavier items, then put the non-delicate items in the middle of the cooler. At the top, pack with a layer of ice cubes or ice packs to keep everything fresh.

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You should also pack drinks in separate containers – that way less heat will be lost from opening the bag. Throughout the day, it is also important to keep a food thermometer on you in order to keep food safe.

Commenting on the tips, Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at says: “Away from the buzz of the city, you can experience some of the most breathtaking picnic backdrops Britain has to offer. Planning a countryside trail is the perfect family day out as the weather begins to heat up and the sun shines. However, reaching these spots often means travelling a distance – which can potentially spoil your food if it is not packed properly!