What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, September 18?

What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, September 18?

<p>What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, September 18?</p>

What’s in the Aldi and Lidl middle aisles on Sunday, September 18?

Aldi Specialbuys and Lidl’s Middle of Lidl have become an essential part of the British shopping experience.

From kids toys to pet essentials, bargain-hunters across the country have found hidden gems throughout the mysterious middle aisles.

Last year, Lidl’s Middle of Lidl sell-out shoe appeared online for more than four times its original price, whereas the popular Aldi hanging egg-chair sold out quicker than Glastonury tickets.

With offers constantly updating, it is always worth a look at what is featuring in Aldi and Lidl’s middle aisle this weekend.

Aldi Specialbuys

This Sunday at Aldi, prepare to capture your next adventure with the Balco Action Camera or shift through the streets with a furry companion by your side with the Grey & Black Dog Carrier.

Grey & Black Dog Carrier

Trying to force your canine cutie outside in the winter months can be tricky as pooches are particularly picky when it comes to their sensitive paws. Many floofers will just outright slam the breaks and park once you’ve attached the lead.

At Aldi this weekend, the Grey & Black Dog Carrier features an adjustable handle and a secret food and water bowel compartment for just £12.99.

Balco Action Camera

Admit it, you’ve always been a bit jealous of that friend who comes back from holiday and showcases an idyllic first-person montage of their Alps ski-session or their coastal surf - and all you’ve got is a fragrance from DutyFree.

This Balco Action Camera should be the first thing you pack before your next adventure. It features 4K resolution, in-built WIFI, and a 170 degree wide angle lens - all for £49.99 at Aldi this weekend.

Balco Cat Camera & Automatic Feeder

Tired of your noisy cats always complaining there’s no food in the bowl? - “I swear I fed him 5 minutes ago!?”. With this Balco Cat Camera & Automatic Feeder, you can monitor, feed, and talk to your pet all from the comfort of your phone.

The feline feeder is available at Aldi’s middle aisle this weekend for £99.99

Lidl Middle Aisle 

This Sunday at Lidl, you can take the kids shopping for new toys to keep busy during the winter months or prioritise your pet’s pleasure with a fancy new bed.

Cath Kidston Cat/Dog Bed

Prioritise your pet’s comfort with this fancy Cath Kidston Cat/Dog Bed for just £19.99 available in Lidl this weekend.

The bed is suitable for any floor type and features a stylish leather label on the front.

Crelando Soft / Oil Pastel Set

With 48 striking colours to choose from you can draw your way across paper, cardboard, canvas, and more. This Crelando Soft/Oil Pastel Set, is a perfect introduction into arts and crafts for people of all ages.

Get it this weekend in Lidl’s Middle of Lidl for an impressive £4.99

Playtive Tri-Scooter With LED Wheels

If you’ve got a little thrillseeker who’s vying to live life in the fast lane but hasn’t quite mastered balance and coordination - this Playtive Tri-Scooter With LED Wheels in LIdl is perfect.

The scooter is available in Middle of LIdl for £19.99 and soft wheels with ABEC-5 bearings, a rear friction brake, and light-up LED front wheels.

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