Tyne Bridge, Paint Pylons, £5.95 - This vibrant take on our city’s most famous bridge would be a great addition to any Christmas tree that likes to be BOLD.

Christmas Tree Decorations only Newcastle locals will get

Bring a little bit of the local geordie spirit to your Christmas Tree this year...

Whether you’re celebrating away or home for Christmas, it’s always nice to add a decoration personal to you to your tree.

Want a bauble of our gorgeous skyline or Angel of the North? Look no further.

We rounded up the best locally made Geordie themed decorations for trees this year. You could get them for your tree, or give them to the special Geordie in your life.

All the decorations have been made and sourced locally across the region. We contacted a handful of the best small business creators and they shared their products us.

There are a tonne of local creators that have taken to crossing Christmas with Newcastle landmarks to create amazing decorations to celebrate the city.

People have taken to making their own decorations or ordering personalised pieces to give as gifts or to add a personal touch to their home at Christmas.

A lot of these creators can be found on Etsy, or in shops that focus on supporting local creators across the region like North East Gifts, which stocks a wide range of products made by local people in the local area.

Let us know if we missed you’re favourite local seller, or share pictures of these ornaments on your tree!

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