Sonos Black Friday 2021: The best soundbar and speaker deals available now and discounts to come

Best Sonos speakers and soundbars for sale during Black Friday 2021Best Sonos speakers and soundbars for sale during Black Friday 2021
Best Sonos speakers and soundbars for sale during Black Friday 2021 | Shutterstock

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Sonos is a brand name that is synonymous with high quality sound, and their speakers and soundbars are some of the best available.

These high end devices, unsurprisingly, come with a high end price tag - but in the Black Friday sales there’s a chance to get them at a discounted price.

What can I expect from the Sonos Black Friday sale?

Sonos have launched some deals ahead of Black Friday, but only on accessories. Selected Sonos accessories are now available with a 20 percent discount.

This is great news if you already have a Sonos speaker or soundbar, but if you want a new device it looks like you will have to wait for the day itself to see what deals are available.

There’s every reason for tech lovers to get excited for the Black Friday sales, however, as last year there was savings of up to £100 off the Sonos Move, Sonos Beam and the Sonos Sub devices.

The smart and compact Beam soundbar and portable and waterproof Move speaker were both reduced to £299, while bass lovers could grab the stylishly designed Sub for £599.

Only time will tell if the more recently released devices like the Arc soundbar will be part of the Black Friday savings for 2021.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is one of the highlights of the shopping calendar. It takes place every year on the last Friday of the year.

Every year retailers offer top discounts on a wide range of products - with everything from technology, clothing, food and drink and toys on offer at reduced prices.

Black Friday is always followed by Cyber Monday, which takes place on the last Monday of the year, and is a day dedicated specifically to online deals.

This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday take place on November 26 and 29 respectively.

Originating in the US, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been growing in popularity since they were launched here in the UK over ten years ago.

Many retailers and brands now begin their discounts much earlier in November, and can often keep them running in to December.

Some, like Sonos, do still choose to send their best deals live on the days themselves so it’s always best to be prepared to do some serious shopping on the days themselves.

The best deals can sell out quickly, so if there is something you really want it’s probably best to set your alarm!

What Sonos devices are available?

There are multiple Sonos speakers and soundbars available, and while we’re not sure which ones will be discounted, it’s a good idea to have a look now at them all so you have a better idea which one is right for you when the deals are released.

Sonos Roam - Experience size-defying sound at home and on the go with this lightweight, outdoor-ready portable smart speaker. Currently £179.

Sonos Arc - Bring all your entertainment to life with breathtakingly realistic sound and the 3D experience of Dolby Atmos. Currently £899.

Sonos Five - Elevate your listening experience with vividly clear and spacious stereo sound. Currently £499.

Sonos Move - Get bold sound that moves you and moves with you with this powerful, durable and versatile smart speaker. Currently £399.

Sonos One - Enjoy richly detailed sound and built-in voice control with this surprisingly powerful smart speaker. Currently £199.

Sonos One SL - Enjoy richly detailed sound with this surprisingly powerful speaker. Currently £179.

Sonos Beam - Enrich all your entertainment with the latest generation of our compact smart soundbar, now with Dolby Atmos. Currently £449.

What Sonos accessories are for sale?

These are some of the Sonos accessories which are on sale right now. If you’re waiting to buy your device then these would be the perfect addition to your new piece of tech.

Sonos One Shelf - Create a designated space for your speaker with this custom-designed shelf, which is compatible with Sonos One, One SL, or Play:1. Was £59.95, now £47.96.

Sonos One Wall Mount - Mount your speaker to virtually any wall with this custom-designed adjustable mount, which is compatible with Sonos One, One SL, or Play:1. Was £59, now £47.20.

Sonos Move Wall Hook - Hang your portable speaker indoors or outdoors with this modern mounting solution. Was £29, now £23.20.

Sonos Move Wireless Charging Base - Get power where you need it with an additional or replacement charging base. Was £79.99, now £63.99.

Wall Mount for Sonos Arc - Make your soundbar blend even more seamlessly into your home with this near-invisible wall mount. Was £69, was £55.20.

Wall Mount for Sonos Beam - A wall mount specifically for the Beam model which is also near invisible and will fit stylishly in to your home. Was £59, now £47.20.

What Sonos devices are discounted right now?

While Sonos haven’t discounted any speakers or soundbars right now, their devices are sold through third parties which also offer deals for Black Friday - Selfridges, Amazon and Currys.

There are a couple of discounts to be had on Sonos devices on Amazon right now, but the price reductions are minimal so it may be best to wait until the dedicated Black Friday and Cyber Monday days to get the best deals.

You can see the two deals available now below.


Updated with precisely perforated grille, this second generation Beam looks as good in your home as it sounds.

Whether you are listening to your favourite music or binge watching a TV show this soundar provides highly detailed, crisp all round sound.

You can stream music, podcasts, audiobooks and the radio in beautiful, detailed stereo sound that fills the room.

This is a £20 saving on the RRP of this device.


Stream music wirelessly throughout your home with this device which is the smallest of the Sonos range.

It delivers powerful audio that can fit anywhere. Rich with deep bass and crystal clear highs, the stylish PLAY:1 may be diminutive but don’t let its compact size fool you.

This gadget delivers a surprisingly full, detailed and hugely enjoyable sound wherever you choose to place it.

This is an older model, but it has a £50 saving and still delivers fantastic sound quality.

This product works and looks like new, but is a pre-owned product that has been professionally inspected, tested and cleaned by Amazon-qualified suppliers.

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