Amanda Staveley’s five-year Newcastle United plan to shake Arsenal, Chelsea & Manchester City dominance

Newcastle United Women will play at St James’ Park for the first time in their history when they host Alnwick Town on Sunday afternoon (kick-off 2pm).

Newcastle United Women manager Becky Langley has opened up on her meeting with Amanda Staveley - and revealed the ambition is to reach the Super League.

Sunday is a historic day for the Lady Magpies, who play at St James’ Park for the first time ever when they host Alnwick Town in FA Women’s Division One North (kick-off 2pm).

It’s an occasion Langley could not have envisaged prior to the Staveley-brokered takeover in October with the Ladies supported by the Newcastle United Foundation, rather the club itself, previously owned by Mike Ashley.

However, with Staveley & Co making great strides to make the football club as one again, Newcastle Women’s debut at St James’ Park is just the start of a new and exciting future.

‘Owners have injected passion and energy towards Women’s football’

“It’s always been something we’ve hoped for and been striving towards,” Langley admitted, when asked about playing at St James’. “We probably didn’t see it as a reality two seasons ago, but with the new owners coming in, and injecting that passion and energy towards women’s football, we’re really excited about the possibility, and now it’s here, we’re going to grasp it with both hands.

“We’ve sat with Newcastle United Foundation, who’ve been incredibly supportive of the journey we’ve been on so far, which has been a lot of hard work, blood, sweat and tears to be quite honest. But we’re just so passionate, and I’ve been striving for this since day one, even before the owners were involved.

“People have been asking, with more people watching and the owners wanting to see success quickly, ‘am I feeling more pressure?’. But I’ve already put so much pressure on myself, it just feels we’re doing the same things - working hard and sticking together.”

‘Amanda has real passion and drive to help everyone succeed’

Staveley met Langley and her players in January. NewcastleWorld understands they were vowed by her vision, which includes becoming a full-time outfit, as well as providing a budget to compete and move up the leagues.

Both Staveley and Mehrdad Ghodoussi watched the Lady Magpies’ 6-2 win victory against Leeds United in March and are set to take up their seats in the directors’ box on Sunday.

“She’s so genuine, so high energy,” Langley said after meeting Staveley. “She just wants to help support myself and the players as much as possible. I think she’s really excited about having a young female manager who she can help and progress.

“There’s a real, genuine feel about the way she conducts herself, but really professional at the same time.

“They’ve been super supportive. I’m really proud of wha;t we’ve done without a lack of support and resources. They understand Newcastle United Foundation have been absolutely fantastic with myself and the players throughout the last three seasons. They want us to do well, they want to see success and enjoy it with us.

“When we met Amanda she was just so genuine. It was just little things like ‘where’s the biscuits and cups of tea!’ She is just a normal woman with real passion and drive to help everyone succeed.”

Ambition to reach the Super League and Champions League revealed

So, what’s the ambition? Well, it’s to be in the Women’s top-flight, where they’ll need three promotions first, within five years and eventually win the Champions League, much like the vision for Eddie Howe’s first-team.

Langley said: “We’ve not set any strict timescale but my ambition is I loved Newcastle United Women to be in the Super League within five years.

“We want to be in the Women’s Super League as quickly as we can. Amanda’s ambition for both the men’s and women’s teams is to be winning the Champions League, so there’s really no ceiling on where this club can go for the women’s and the men’s side, so we just want to get there as quickly as possible. We’re working really hard behind the scenes to make that happen.

“It will take a lot of investment but it’s all progressive. We recognise we’re still in tier four at the moment so everything has got to be within context. We want to strive to get there as quickly as possible but it will take that emotional investment and care also.”

Records are there to be broken

Cash turnstiles will be in operation in the East Stand on Sunday, with entry £3 for adults and free for juniors. All supporters under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

Further turnstiles will be open in the Gallowgate End and Leazes End subject to demand.

“If we can get to 30,000, that would surpass the Women’s Super League record,” Langley revealed. “That would be amazing, it would be dreamland.

“But we’ll be really pleased with double figures if possible. We’ really excited and really hope we can beat the 3,000 at Kingston Park (FA Cup match versus Ipswich Town).”