Newcastle United fans praise supporter’s ‘decency’ after St. James’ Park mistake

A fan looked to write their wrong by sending a package back to St. James’ Park

Newcastle United fans have praised a supporter's 'decency' after the fan made a mistake at St. James' Park last season.

Wor Flags is the fan group behind the stadium's emotive and impressive flag displays that have become part and parcel of the famous St. James' atmosphere.

The group scatter the flags across the stands for supporters to pick up and wave as the players come onto the field.

Fans are asked to leave the flags at the ground after full-time so that volunteers can collect them and prepare a display for the next fixture.

Occasionally, fans have been known to take the standards home, either thinking they were a gift or trying to pull a fast one.

In April, the group had to issue a message to clarify how the displays work, after some supporters were pictured with the flags outside the ground following a fixture with Wolverhampton Wanderers.

A social media post read: "We’d like to thank everyone who has tried to help in retrieving any flags taken home after the game on Friday.

"We don’t want to see anyone banned or abused for doing so, more just politely reminded that they should remain in the stadium for future use.

The Wor Flags display at the Leazes end.

"There may be some fans who turn up with their own flags, we’d hate for people to feel like they couldn’t bring their own.

"We’ll be attempting to come up with a system that prevents any future misunderstandings.

"To any fans that have taken them home, and it is a very small minority, please bring them back to the next game.

"They are bought by fans to help create an atmosphere at St James’ Park.

"Sharing this far and wide would be greatly appreciated.

"Howay the Lads."

Fast-forward to June and the Wor Flags group were passed on a special package sent directly to the stadium.

In it was one of their missing flags that a fan had returned.

Wor Flags wrote: "Thank you to whoever sent one of our wavers back in the post to the ground. Much appreciated."

One Twitter user claimed to be the fan in question, saying that the flag had ended up home after his son had taken it home.

It prompted Newcastle fans to praise the supporter who took the flag home for his 'decency'.

One person wrote: "Mistakes happen at least they had the decency to send it back. A united fanbase once more."

Others wrote "1st class as well. Some strong remorse there!" and "Humanity is good".