Newcastle United Fifa 2022 video of ‘lightning fast’ Steve Bruce leaves Magpies fans in ‘absolute stitches’

Newcastle United fans are demanding Steve Bruce deploy himself as a secret weapon against Watford on Saturday.

Despite being more than twice the age of every player in the Newcastle United squad, Bruce, 60, has, according to Fifa 2022, acquired an unprecedented level of physical fitness and speed.

In a video shared on social media, Bruce and his players run onto the pitch after Newcastle United win a penalty shootout - the one unfortunate aspect of this video is that it isn’t real and was taken from the new Fifa videogame, Fifa 2022.

As Newcastle win the shootout, black bench coat adorned Bruce sprints onto the pitch like a man possessed and is outpacing players with ease.

Steve Bruce out running the bench players has me dead,” tweeted one Newcastle United fan.

Gambling website, Mansion Bet, suggested Bruce’s all of sudden burst of pace could be down to his apparent love of tasty grub.

“Steve Bruce looking like he's just heard the buffet is open.

“Pure pace from Brucey Face with tears of joy,” they tweeted.

Another fan said he couldn’t help but watch the video over and over again.

“I can’t stop watching, this somehow gets funnier and funnier every time,” he said.

Newcastle United take on Watford at Vicarage Road on Saturday - kick-off 3.00pm.