Newcastle United teammate ‘frustrated’ over Man City benching amidst appearance fee chat

Callum Wilson and Michail Antonio dicusses clauses in contracts on The Footballer’s Football Podcast

Callum Wilson has admitted that a Newcastle United teammate was left "frustrated" after not managing to get on the pitch against Manchester City.

Full-back Matt Ritchie was in his kit and ready to be subbed onto the field of play against Pep Guardiola's team at St. James' Park last week, but didn't manage to get on the pitch.

In the final moments of the match, Sven Botman booted a ball at Dan Burn's face, requiring a change of plans to get Emile Kraft on for the defender, and the game had ended before Ritchie could then register an appearence.

Speaking on The Footballer's Football Podcast with West Ham United forward Michail Antonio, Wilson said his teammate was left frustrated by the situation: "He would've been frustrated, it would've been his first appearance of the season, I'm sure he would've got a little something something for going on. It would've been frustrating."

Matt Ritchie didn’t manage to get off the bench against Manchester City last weekend (Image: Getty Images)

Wilson's reference to "a little something something" led to a discussion about appearance fees - where players get a pay boost per match they play.


The podcasters couldn't confirm whether or not such a clause exists in Matt Ritchie's contract but admitted it was common for professional footballers to get such bonuses.

Michail Antonio said: "Yeah, I don't in my contract, but the majority of people do get appearance fees for appearing."

The Hammers' man pressured Wilson on whether or not he received an appearance fee, to which the Newcastle striker remained coy.

Laughing at his 'big Colgate smile', Antonio jibed: "He just doesn't want to say, man's on the fence."

Wilson eventually responded: "I'm not saying anything. I work hard in training to start the game and don't have to worry about coming on the pitch.


"Everyone's contracts are set up differently, it's probably in some and not in others."