Six Premier League rule changes impacting Newcastle, Manchester United, Leeds United and Liverpool this season

A number of law changes will come into effect when the new Premier League season gets underway next month.

Who doesn’t love the arrival of a new Premier League season?

New signings have been paraded, the fixtures have been released and brand new kits have been snapped up as supporters prepare for the big return.

Excitement and anticipation reach fever pitch as a new year full of possibilities lies in wait at stadiums around the country.

It is one of the most thrilling weekends of the football calendar as the likes of Newcastle United, Liverpool and Arsenal return to action following a well-earned summer break.

The summer break also brings with it something that may escape the attention of supporters but will have an impact on the teams they love.

The game’s law-makers, the International Football Association Board, have confirmed six amendments to current laws within football and they will come into effect when the new season gets underway on the first Saturday of August.

NewcastleWorld takes a look at what has been put in place ahead of the Magpies return to action.

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