To protest or not? Will Newcastle United fan anger on social media translate to reality

This week the word ‘protest’ has gained prominence among the Newcastle United fanbase... AGAIN! We take a look at the context and what fans are saying on social media in relation to the latest discontent at St James’ Park.

Fan anger at Newcastle United? the context

Nearly 15 years of ownership by Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley has seriously tested the patience of Newcastle United fans.

Ashley’s poor decision-making, much of it well documented, and strict financial modelling, as per the last transfer window, has fans at the end of their tether. Again.

Fan protests against Ashley are no new thing, mind, with banners and marches dating back to 2008, following the very public forcing out of club legend Kevin Keegan.

Why are fans angry this time?

A multitude of reasons, I suppose.

The stagnation of the football club in a period of unprecedented growth in the Premier League is a constant undercurrent, as is the poor decision-making on player signings and managerial appointments.

Things have flared up this time with the club failing to improve their squad from last season in the whole of the summer window. Only Joe Willock arrived for an up front fee in the region of £10million - and he was already at United on loan last season.

Three losses in four at the start of the 2021/22 campaign has poured more fuel on the fire, so too has the ownership uncertainty which has plagued the club for more than four years.

What are fans saying about the protest idea?