Where Newcastle United's attendance ranks compared to Man Utd, Real Madrid, Barcelona and AC Milan - gallery

NewcastleWorld has profiled the top 25 attendances across Europe in 2023-24 to assess where Newcastle United rank among the continental heavyweights

St James’ Park is one of English football’s oldest and most iconic stadiums, boasting a modern-day capacity of 52,350. Home to Newcastle United since 1892, having previously been occupied by Newcastle Rangers, Newcastle West End and Newcastle East End, the venue is a landmark of Tyneside culture.

Its appearance, barring the odd lick of paint, has remained the same since 2000. For fans of an older persuasion, the ground - a cattle-grazing field before hosting football matches - has changed beyond recognition over the years.

Debates have raged in recent times about whether Newcastle should move from their spiritual homeland. Since the Saudi-backed takeover two years ago, home tickets have been like hen’s teeth as demand has exceeded supply.

The importance St James’ Park holds with the city’s economy - as well as the deep-rooted love for tradition - makes relocation a contentious issue. Infrastructure around the ground poses a challenge for possible expansion but that has not deterred the majority of Toon supporters from wanting to stay put.

How has that affected the attendance? Newcastle have no problem selling out but does their capacity crowd stack up with their European counterparts? When the stadium was expanded at the turn of the century, it was the second largest in the Premier League - St James’ Park now ranks seventh.

NewcastleWorld has profiled the top 25 attendances across Europe in 2023-24. Does the Magpies’ standing affect your view on a potential stadium development?

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