7 ways to make sure your new home is energy efficient

Here are useful ways to keep a safe and energy efficient homeHere are useful ways to keep a safe and energy efficient home
Here are useful ways to keep a safe and energy efficient home
Homebuyers are being urged to check the energy efficiency of a property before committing to buying.The removal experts at LOVESPACE have identified the most important questions that house-hunters should ask to evaluate how energy efficient their new home is.

With energy bills and mortgage rates on the rise, energy efficiency is high up in the list of priorities for many buyers and renters looking to move house.

There are important features that need to be discussed with the landlord or agency to get a sense of the home's energy use, including the condition of heating, air conditioning systems and appliances.

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The team at LOVESPACE has put together a list of questions you should ask to determine the energy efficiency of a property:

Ask for the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

The easiest way to find out how energy efficient a house is, is to check the Energy Performance Certificate. The EPC will show you how much energy the building uses and gives information about the estimated costs of energy bills.

How good is the insulation?

Insulated walls, roofs, ceilings and floors play a big part in cutting down heating bills, as they prevent heat loss and keep the cold air out. Proper insulation can reduce the energy consumption by around 25%.

What is the state of the boiler?

Old boilers can have an energy efficiency of as low as 60%, which means that a whopping 40% of the energy that homeowners are paying for goes to waste. Most modern boilers however have an efficiency of 90% which means that their gas usage is much lower and so are the bills.

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When assessing the energy efficiency of a house, many people overlook the importance that the condition of appliances has on bills. All appliances have an energy label which tells you how much energy they consume. Upgrading the appliances to more energy-efficient ones has a significant return on investment in the long term.

A spokesperson for LOVESPACE said: “With the growing importance of having an energy efficient house, homebuyers should not be afraid to ask as many questions as possible to avoid a shock when receiving their energy bills.

“Many people overlook the importance of energy efficient lighting, appliances and electronics, so don’t forget to query the landlord about these details as well.”