Glastonbury 2022: Wet Leg mark stunning debut Park Stage performance with Chaise Longue

Wet Leg’s first-ever apperance at Glastonbury gives Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers the chance to showcase their eponymous album in style

Filled to the brim with debut performances, Glastonbury ‘22 marks a first-time appearance for Wet Leg, who stormed The Park Stage with some incredible tracks from their debut album.

The Isle of Wight-based indie rock band took to The Park Stage with the same confidence and creativity exhibited on their self-titled debut album.

Their material makes the transfer from album to live performance well, with little room for mistakes in a tightly-wound 45-minute set.

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    Wet Leg marked their debut festival appearance with a rousing performance that featured Chaise Longue and Being in Love

    Opening with Being in Love and careering into a fantastic rendition of Wet Dream gives a delightful palette of what Wet Leg do and how they can do more with this sound.

    A couple bubbles provide a thin veneer of detergent to flow through the packed Park Stage audience, with a nice post-punk feel to the twelve-track set behind it.

    Rhian Teasdale boasts a great voice suitable for the slow-burning start to the 2pm slot - and the lyrics are just as mystifying as such a floaty voice would offer.

    Inevitable outings of the superb single Chaise Longue and Beam Me Up before it mark Wet Leg as a significant duo on the rise and rise, with their debut set going about as well as it could for a band coasting through recent success.

    Wet Leg, along with fellow Glastonbury first-timers Yard Act and Sam Fender, are drumming up an encouraging new wave of British-born indie rock in an inspiring, creative fashion.

    Nothing less than creativity should be expected of a band that manages to make a crowd of a thousand fans scream manically seem quite reasonable and musically justified.

    What a way to make a mark on Glastonbury than with a setlist that moves back and forth between guitar-heavy singles and slower, hand-waving melodies.

    Simply wonderful. A delighted Wet Leg beamed their way through some fantastic renditions of their recent release.

    Wet Leg last dropped by Newcastle for a gig at Newcastle University’s Student Union just a few months back on April 16.