Inside Newcastle’s selfie central studio as city is named as one of most ‘Instagramable’

Newcastle has been ranked the fourth most ‘Instagramable’ university city in the UK.

Thanks to hashtag analysis, a total figure for each city was determined, helping researchers understand which are the most popular cities on the social media platform.

It’s no surprise that Newcastle ranked so high, with unbeatable history, landmarks, food and people. It comes with recent reports on the city’s Grey Street ranking 12th most ‘Instagrammed’ street in the United Kingdom.

Renowned for nightlife, art and its strong culture, Newcastle has claimed various top-tier titles as of late.

Earlier this year, the city was named one of the best ‘second cities’ on the planet, thanks to travel website, who listed the city among 20 others that are not country capitals. It featured alongside the likes of Bruges and Barcelona.

One place that has been a hot-spot for selfie-lovers is Selfie Central in Newcastle, where we decided to take a look around after the city’s selfie-related accolade.

The venue opened in April 2021, and has since been a huge hit; ‘snapped up’ by visitors you could say.

Inside, you can fine 111 uniquely designed spaces, with themes to suit your ‘Insta style’! Everything from a cow kitchen to a duck-covered bathroom lets you interact and have fun with your selfies.

Selfie Central Team Leader, Samantha Dixon, said: “It’s all about having fun, finding something that suits your style, and being creative.”

You can hang in the transparent sphere seat, cuddle up on the love sofa, or take a seat on the throne in the sky.

Visitors are usually required to book in advance, though some walk-ins are available from time to time. The entry fee allows 60 minutes of selfie-taking time; more than enough if you save the filtering for later!

Selfie Central is open now, inside of The Gate.