Full moon 2022: The best places across Newcastle to see the first full moon of the year

The astronomical event is coming up, and there are plenty of places to see it in the region.

The first full moon of the year will be seen on Monday (Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP) (Photo by OLIVIER DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images).

The first full moon of 2022 is scheduled to occur on Monday January 17, as the lunar cycle reaches a point where the moon is at its largest and brightest in the night sky, but where are the best places to see it across Newcastle?

The Met Office are predicting a clear night, giving those inclined a perfect opportunity to see the beauty of a full moon in the night sky which, moving from east to west, means the best chance of seeing an impressive moon won’t come in coastal areas. This allows the sky to get as dark as possible with the moon remaining visible rather than it being viewed during a twilight period.

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Light pollution is another issue to contend with, so the best chances to get a clear view of the moon will be away from the city centre where any artificial light will impact the quality of the view, as will the taller buildings across the city.

High points are often seen as top picks too, and although Westerhope is considered to be the highest natural point across the city, light pollution will mean views will not be as clear as elsewhere in the area. With Tyneside remaining fairly flat, anyone looking for the best views of the full moon will need to head further afield.

Leaving the city on the A69 gives travellers a few good options to get high quality views, with Horsley Hill and higher hills around Heddon being perfect for avoiding light pollution, especially looking away from Newcastle and Gateshead as the night goes on and the moon heads away from the eastern horizon.

Heading north rather than west could also serve some naked eye astronomers well thanks to higher points across Northumberland. High points around the small village of Berwick Hill will be a perfect spot, providing anyone hoping to catch a good glimpse look away from the area of Newcastle Airport and the hills paired with Northumberlandia near Cramlington should also offer stunning views of the full moon.