Top tips for a Halloween without the spooky environmental impact

Halloween is spooky, but not as spooky as the waste that comes with it. Here are our top tips for wasting less this Halloween.

There are several events taking place in and around Warwickshire for half-term, Halloween and Bonfire Night. Photos supplied by Shakespeare's England

Halloween is one of the most fun times of the year, and it’s only getting more and more popular.

The shops are more full than ever with spooky decorations and things to get you excited for the season ahead.

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But all that fun often leaves a spooky amount of waste.

We collated a few ways you can have a fun Halloween which will help you waste less and save your cash.

1. Do costume swaps with your friends. This is a hilarious way to avoid fast fashion and bound to make for a fun afternoon with your pals.

2. Use your Christmas lights. Spooky season is cosy season and fairy lights are the best addition to any decor.

3. Decorations often aren’t recyclable and can last you a lifetime. If you’re bored of yours why not try and make them into something else, like making your bunting into a spider web.

4. Actually make something with all that leftover pumpkin. Try something new, put your lockdown bread making skills to good use and make pumpkin bread, or soup, or sweet treats.

5. Make your own spooky treats - there’s a good chance you’ll have some of the basics you need to bake your own cookies. Why not try decorating them with your friends? Make it a party activity. Don’t forget to avoid disposable utensils for your parties too!

There are so many great ways for you to get involved in having a more environmentally friendly celebration. As well as a tonne of inspirational resources, like Zero Waste Scotland, to get the ideas for flowing.