Easter school holidays 2022 Newcastle: date pupils are off, when they go back - and bank holiday dates

The Easter holidays will soon be here, but when do schools in Newcastle break up?

Children in Newcastle are already deep into the second half of the spring term, and many will likely be looking ahead to the Easter break and the end of term.

That date will soon be upon us, so here’s all you need to know about when schools in our city finish for Easter, how long pupils are off and when they return to start the summer term.

How long is the spring term for Newcastle schoolchildren?

The spring term for the 2021/22 school year in Newcastle started on Tuesday 4 January when children returned from the Christmas and New year holiday.

Children were then in school until Friday 18 February when they finished for the February half term holiday.

Schools reopened to pupils on Monday 28 February for the second half of the spring term.

The spring term comes to an end on Friday, 8 April, when schools close for the Easter holidays.

In total and not including the half term holiday, pupils will be in school for roughly 11 weeks.

When are the Easter bank holidays?

The next UK bank holidays will take place during these Easter holidays, and as per tradition there will be one either side of Easter Sunday.

Good Friday, which falls on 15 April this year, is the first of the two Easter bank holidays whilst Easter Monday, 18 April, is the second.

They are the first UK bank holidays since 3 January.

How long are children in Newcastle off for Easter?

The dates of the Easter school holidays vary not just between countries of the UK, but also between regions of England.

In Newcastle, children will finish for Easter on 8 April and will return to the classroom on Monday, 25 April.

This means that, including weekends, Newcastle children will be off for 16 days over the Easter Holidays.

Easter Sunday falls on 17 April this year, meaning that children will have the week before and after Easter off school.

A week later, on 2 May, schools will be closed for the early May bank holiday.

What are the dates for the summer term?

The return to school on 25 April will be the start of the summer term for children in Newcastle.

The half term holiday of the summer term will take place from Monday, 30 May until Friday, 2 June.

During the half term, there will be two bank holidays taking place on Thursday 2 for Spring and Friday 3 June for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee.

Pupils will return to school for the second half of the term on Monday, 6 June.

Once they have returned to school, children in Newcastle will be in the classroom until Friday, 22 July.

This will be the start of the six week summer holiday, which will come to a close on Monday, 5 September with the start of the 2022/23 autumn term.

How are Easter dates determined?

The date of Easter changes every year, but it generally lands on a date between 22 March and 25 April.

The reason for this change is, in short, the moon.

Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday following the ‘Paschal Full Moon’, this is a full moon which falls on or around the spring equinox.

As the date of this full moon changes, so does the date of Easter.