Anti-vaccine protesters take to Tyne Bridge during Friday rush hour

The protestors are holding up signs pointing at traffic travelling southbound on the Tyne Bridge

A group of anti-vaccine protesters have taken to the Tyne Bridge during rush hour on Friday evening.

A dozen protestors brandished signs toward traffic heading southbound across the iconic bridge.

Traffic, which is heavy due to the rush hour, was still able to pass undeterred by the protesters.

Signs held by the protestors read "please don't jab kids", "the BBC is the virus" and "justice for the vaccine injured".

Another sign stated "honk for freedom", although the vast majority of cars did not comply and ignored the protestors.

According to the Government, 177,000 people have died within 28 days of Covid-19, 618 of whom were in Newcastle alone.

A total of 8,555 people have died from the illnesses in the North East.