Chris and Rosie Ramsey reminisce on South Shields shoe shop

The pair discussed their memories of the shop.

South Shields married couple Chris and Rosie Ramsey host their own weekly podcast, titled Sh**ged, Married, Annoyed. 

In the podcast which is uploaded every Friday morning, the couple discuss various topics and have sections such as Keep Me Anonymous, Questions from the Public, and What’s Your Beef?

The pair also discuss their childhood memories growing up in South Shields from time to time, and that was certainly the case on the most recent episode, named ‘Don’t tug at your girdle’.

The conversation steered towards the pair reminiscing on an old shoe shop that used to be located in South Shields town centre.

The pair could not remember the name of the shop at first, but Chris fondly reminisced on getting his first pair of school shoes from the shop, which they said was located at the bottom of Fowler Street.

Rosie then told a hilarious story of when she bought her first pair of heeled shoes as a child and planned to wear them on Boxing Day at her grandma’s house. However, she devastatingly found that she had accidentally purchased two left feet.

The couple then called Rosie’s mam, Sandra to confirm the story and to figure out the name of the shop. Sandra said: “I don’t think you sent them back.”

Rosie Ramsey and Chris Ramsey, pictured at the 2019 British Podcast Awards. Picture: Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images.

The name of the shop then came to Chris, who asked Sandra: “Was it Brunswick Shoe Warehouse?” When confirmed that it was by Sandra, Chris proudly said: “Don’t be dissing my Shields knowledge!”