Dog and Scone make desperate plea to help save much-loved resident Marshmallow

Marshmallow hasn’t been feeling well and Dog and Scone need money towards she requires

There are few Newcastle families more loved than the serotonin-boosting clan that are residents on Pudding Chare in the Newcastle City Centre.

They are, of course, the furry friends of Dog and Scone who spend their days playing and cuddling with dog lovers who stop by the cafe.

Unfortunately, one of the Dog and Scone family has fallen ill and needs some urgent help.

Marshmallow, the Maltese terrier, has been suffering from seizures, low blood sugar, mood changes and is now showing signs of neurological issues due to unusual walking patterns and disorientation.

Employees at the shop say it has come around suddenly and is the first health scare Marshmallow has faced.

The dog has been to see the vets, but all tests and checks possible have been exhausted.

It meant that Dog and Scone have just two choices, they must either send Marshmallow for euthanasia or send her to a specialist to undergo a series of treatments.

Those treatments come at a cost that the cafe can not cover alone and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help Marshmallow.

Writing on the page, Choi Yee No said: "The treatment she requires is not a quick-fix; we are aware it will not instantly cure her, but it will definitely be a step in the right direction towards hopefully finding out the underlying issue she's going through.

"The money we are raising will be going towards her ongoing treatment, any operations or medication needed and MRI scan; it is not cheap and our emergency funds have only covered so much.

"We rely a lot on the cafe for our income, and we still need to ensure we have enough to provide care for each of our other dogs, however this sort of money would set us back months worth from the cafes income that is very much needed for the welfare of our entire fur-family.

"So for the first time ever, we are asking for your help."

You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.

The cafe is also selling some art prints in the cafe with 100% of funds going to the cause.

The Dog and Scone team also say that they will do what is best for Marshmallow and if she is in pain or suffering, will look at doing whatever is kindest for their dog.