Duo who tortured man to his least favourite music convicted of attempted murder

The victim thought he had been staying at a friend’s house but woke up in a pool of blood

A duo who stabbed a man who believed he was their friend as they played his least favourite music have been convicted of attempted murder.

In the early hours of September 11, 2021 Jon Hamblin and Jessica Whinham launched a horrific attack on their 35-year-old victim.

The man, who had been sleeping on the couch of Whinham’s Stanley Street West address in North Shields, suddenly woke up and found himself on the floor with Hamblin standing over him.

He looked down and to his horror saw a pool of blood and realised he had suffered a deep stab wound.

The victim would later tell police Whinham put on some music, deliberately playing a song he had previously told her he disliked, telling him it was ‘the last song you’ll ever hear’.

As the savage attack continued, the victim begged for his life before the pair eventually permitted him to leave.

He stumbled out of the house and tried knocking on doors in Spencer Street before a kind-hearted couple came to his rescue and dialled 999.

At around 4 am paramedics and officers rushed to the scene and the victim was taken to hospital.

An investigation was launched, and officers swiftly arrested and charged 20-year-old Whinham and 42-year-old Hamblin with attempted murder.

The pair denied their guilt but on Wednesday, April 6 at Newcastle Crown Court, they were found guilty of attempted murder.

The incident took place on Stanley Street West in North Shields (Image: Google Streetview)
The incident took place on Stanley Street West in North Shields (Image: Google Streetview)
The incident took place on Stanley Street West in North Shields (Image: Google Streetview)

They are due to be sentenced at a later date.

Speaking after the hearing, Acting Detective Chief Inspector Jill Hall of Northumbria Police called the incident a ‘monstrous attack’.

She said: “Hamblin and Whinham’s treatment of their victim was inhuman – it was a monstrous attack against a man who believed he was safe and secure in the company of friends.

“I want to thank the team of officers and forensics staff who worked night and day to ensure this gruesome pair were charged as swiftly as possible. A lot of police hours were put into securing such a speedy charge.”

She added: “I also want to thank the victim for his bravery throughout.

“No prison sentenced will ever take away the pain of what’s happened, but I hope this guilty verdict gives him some comfort knowing that his attackers have been brought to justice and will be made to pay for their vile actions.

“Thank you also to the couple who took in the victim in his hour of need and assisted him until paramedics arrived. The victim saw the very worst in humanity that day but also some of the very best when these strangers rushed to his aid.

“We will continue to support the victim’s recovery in any way we can.”