Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry shares clips from extravagant London trip

The star headed to London with her mother, Liz.

Geordie Shore star, Chloe Ferry took to Instagram stories today to show off her lavish lifestyle, and she and her mother headed to London.

In a series of clips, Chloe showcased the limo that they travelled in, and the luxurious hotel where they were staying.

But first, Chloe shared with her fans that was in a TikTok studio, with fashion brand GlamDoll Fashion, shooting TikTok videos.  Her mam, Liz accompanied her on the fashion shoot.

The pair then travelled home to Newcastle, before packing their stuff and making their way to London. In an Instagram story, Chloe said:  “I feel like London is my second home,” explaining how excited she was for the trip. She continued: “If I could live anywhere it’d be London or Manchester.”

She then explained that she was going to take her mam to a renowned London restaurant, Sexy Fish. In the video, Chloe’s mam seemed confused by the name of the restaurant. Chloe captioned the video: “You can tell she’s never been to London before.”

The next few clips showed the journey to London, in which Chloe and her mam travelled by luxurious limo. Chloe showed off the limo on her Instagram, with had spotlights in the roof, a TV, large seats and a table with glasses for prosecco. “We’re gonna have a little nap, we’re going to put something on Netflix,” Chloe said.

Chloe Ferry took her mother on an extravagant trip to London

The pair then arrived at the hotel, which Chloe filmed for her Instagram story. In the video, she showed the lobby which was home to a lavish large Christmas tree, before moving on to show the large hotel suite. She captioned the videos: “Prettiest hotel I’ve probably ever stayed in”