Newcastle heatwave June 2022: what temperatures can we expect - as weather forecast predicts warm weekend

Weather experts are forecasting scorching-hot temperatures to hit certain parts of the UK this week - but will that be the case in Newcastle? Here is everything you need to know, as per the Met Office.

Geordies are anxiously awaiting the arrival of hot-tempered weather to match the approaching summer months.

Newcastle is a city with plenty of tantalisingly fun activities and entertainment that would benefit greatly from some sunshine and warm conditions, especially the city’s numerous walks and trails.

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Especially with Father’s Day on the horizon, as the scorching Newcastle sunshine would act as a nice appetiser for the lovely meals that sons and daughters across the city would treat the father figure in their lives to.

However - as we all know, the United Kingdom is not best known for having the hottest weather, as too often clouds and wet conditions arrive on British shores  - though experts are predicting all this to change very soon..

The Met Office is predicting a heatwave to bring summer temperatures to parts of the country - with some regions expecting record highs for 2022.

But does that mean it will come to Newcastle? Here is everything you need to know about the weather forecast in Newcastle for the week commencing Monday, 13 June 2022, and whether a heatwave has actually set its sights on Tyneside.

What is a heatwave?

Photos of RFA Lyme Bay, taken from HMS Middleton while conducting an exercise in the Gulf

The word ‘heatwave’ is thrown around regularly when it comes to weather forecasts across the globe - but what is a heatwave?

According to the Met Office, a heatwave is an extended period of hot weather relative to the expected conditions of the area at that time of the year.

In the United Kingdom, this is the criteria the weather must meet to be considered a heatwave:

  • When a location records three consecutive days with a maximum temperature that exceeds the threshold (this varies depending on the county)

For example, Newcastle and the surrounding North region has a threshold of between 25℃.

Will there be a heatwave in Newcastle?

Despite the fact that this week will see warmer than usual temperatures once or twice this week, the Met Office are not expecting Newcastle to bear the brunt of any sizzling-hot temperatures that a heatwave would bring this June.

The hottest day of 2022 was previously Tuesday, 13 May which saw highs of 27.5℃ - but a day this week will not come anywhere close to that in Newcastle.

What is the daily weather forecast for Newcastle this week?

It’s going to be a sunny on in Newcastle (Image: Adobe Stock)

Here is the daily weather forecast for the Newcastle region for the week commencing Monday, 13 June 2022, according to the Met Office:

  • Monday, 13 June - Cloudy all day (17℃)
  • Tuesday, 14 June - Sunny very early on, cloudy rest of the day (19℃)
  • Wednesday, 15 June - Cloudy most of the day, clear skies by nighttime (18℃)
  • Thursday, 16 June - Cloudy all day (19℃)
  • Friday, 17 June - Cloudy start, sunny by the afternoon (22℃)
  • Saturday, 18 June - Cloudy start, sunny by the afternoon (17℃)
  • Sunday, 19 June - Sunny start, partly cloudy skies by nighttime (16℃)

What is the Met Office’s long range weather forecast for the UK?

So, it looks like the people of Newcastle have just missed out on a heatwave this week - but what is the situation for the country throughout the rest of June?

The Met Office has issued the following long-range weather forecast for the United Kingdom for the period of Friday, 17 June to Sunday, 26 June:

“A fine and dry start to this period for most, except for the north, where it will be cloudy, breezy, and possibly wet,” it reads.

“These conditions will edge southwards, with just a risk of isolated showers for the south. Temperatures are expected to be warm for most and closer to average in the north, but possibly very warm or hot in the south, which could bring thundery conditions.

“A northwesterly wind is likely through the weekend, which may bring cooler temperatures, however there is a chance for warm weather to remain in the south.

“Fine but generally unsettled weather can be expected throughout the rest of this period, with the possibility of some showers or longer spells of rain mainly in the northwest and continued possible thundery outbreaks in the south.”