Queen’s Platinum Jubilee: Gateshead Council announces events & street party guidance

There will be blockbuster celebrations to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee later this year

Gateshead Council has confirmed some early plans for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee this year.

In June Queen Elizabeth II will reach 70 years on the throne and the UK will celebrate with her.

An extended Bank Holiday weekend is in place with the late May bank holiday being moved to Thursday, June 2, right next to an additional bank holiday on Friday, June 3.

As well as national events and celebrations, communities will come together to throw official events, as well as get-togethers such as street parties.

Coronation Catwalk

Gateshead Council has announced a Coronation Catwalk with Meridith Towne to take place on Thursday, May 12.

It takes place at Gateshead Central Library at 6:30 pm, costs £7 and pre-booking is essential.

The description reads: "Celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in style with Meridith Towne as she plans her outfit for the Coronation.

"Whether you'll be at Westminster Abbey or in your own front room with a new telly, you'll want to wear an outfit fit for a Queen.

"Peruse the fashion mags and order your sewing patterns, it's time to treat yourself to some fabulous 1950s frocks.

The council has issued guidance on street parties (Image: Getty Images)
The council has issued guidance on street parties (Image: Getty Images)
The council has issued guidance on street parties (Image: Getty Images)

"Grab your starched petticoats, hang up the bunting and get ready for the street party!"

The Council has also outlined a number of national events of interest, including Trooping the Colour, Platinum Party at the Palace, Platinum Jubilee Pageant and Big Jubilee Lunch.

Street parties

As well as official events, the Council has issued guidance for locals wanting to host their own celebration.

The Council has acknowledged it is the "perfect opportunity" to throw events such as street parties, pointing the public to a specific page of guidance for such events.

Early information on bin collection has also been published.

You can visit the Gateshead Council information page here.