‘The clogs go hard’: Sam Fender a true Geordie as he sports Greggs crocs in USA

Sam Fender’s wardrobe seems nearly as iconic as his music

If the status of Sam Fender as a Geordie icon was ever in doubt, the singer's choice to sport a pair of Greggs crocs on tour in the USA put an end to that.

The North Shields star shared a 'tour dump' on Instagram on Thursday, which included photos of his travels, bandmates and stops off at In-N-Out Burger and ice cream parlours.

As well as those classic holiday pics, Fender slotted in a photo of himself chilling in a pair of eye-catching crocs.

The perhaps questionable fashion choice was made even more iconic by the branding on the shoes, which nodded to North East sausage roll experts Greggs.

It's no secret that Fender is a fan of the chain, which supplied him with baked goods on his Brit Awards party bus this year, but his love for Greggs is clearly on another level.

The popular fast-food chain teamed up with Primark in recent months to create a Greggs-inspired clothing range.

The collection included t-shirts, joggers, jumpers and, of course, those remarkable clogs.

Replying to Fender's Instagram post, the Greggs Official account said: "The clogs go hard."

Fender embraced the support and replied, "always".

Other fans shared their thoughts on the crocs.

Primark has announced the second Greggs fashion collection launching next month in August.

One wrote "not the crocs”, whilst another said, "you should've all got matching Greggs crocs".

It's been a tough week for the 'Seventeen Going Under' singer, who was forced to pull out of Sziget festival after coming down with a bout of Laryngitis.

Replying to a fan who had asked about his Sziget cancellation on Instagram, he wrote: "Hey, was absolutely gutted, my ENT doc had a look at my voice and basically said I'd likely haemorrhage my cords if I'd went on to play that night, if that happened I'd be out of the game for months, we had to pull out.

"So gutted as we've been so excited to play that festival for ages and we didn't want to let anybody down, so sorry for disappointing you guys, hopefully we'll be back in Budapest soon."