The ‘gorgeous’ Newcastle takeaway that bowled over a YouTube star

Rate My Takeaway star Danny couldn't get enough of Gingerino's pizza.

If you had walked down a quiet Ouseburn street on a hot summer's day in July this year, you might have seen a well-known YouTube figure who had set up shop on the street.

Danny is the face of the Rate My Takeaway channel which boasts nearly 400,000 subscribers on the platform.

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Danny and his taste buds travel the country in search of the best takeaway food and his ventures have brought him to Newcastle in the past.

When in The Toon recently, Danny stopped off at Ouseburn's Gingerinos, which also recently featured in NewcastleWorld's Best Pizza Places in Newcastle.

The takeaway has earned a reputation for serving some serious slices of handmade pizza.

That's what attracted Danny, who seemed to order just about everything on the Gingerinos menu, including the 'red-hot chilli sauce' which comes with a warning.

He set up shop outside the takeaway and said: "That pizza in there smells absolutely amazing, so I cannot wait to get my lips around these big bad boys."

Danny wasn't disappointed when the pizza came either.

As he munched his way through the mammoth slices Danny exclaimed "gorgeous" and "beautiful" with about every bite.

The YouTuber praised the value for money and quality of Gingerinos whilst plucking up the courage to attack the chilli sauce.

"You can see with that already that it's going to blow my head off," he said as he opened the sauce.

Danny just about managed, to the humour of passers-by as he labelled the chilli "lethal".

Gingerinos is a casual dining restaurant in Ouseburn, just a short distance from the city centre.

The takeaway specialises in "handmade authentic thin and crispy stonebaked pizzas" made with "fresh products such as San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes, 00 pizza flour and fiore di latte cheese".

Mr Rate My Takeaway himself isn't the only one giving Gingerinos 10/10.

The takeaway has an average rating of five stars on TripAdvisor with recent customers titling reviews "awesome", "amazing" and "wonderful".