This is how Newcastle United fans have reacted to Saudi takeover news

There’s a wave of optimism sweeping the city today

It’s a big day ahead for Newcastle United fans (Image: Twitter / Getty Images)

It's a big day for Newcastle United and fans as the PCP Consortium takeover deal edges closer and closer.

Despite rumours suggesting confirmation may be a little further away, Newcastle World last night understood the Premier League had already rubber-stamped the deal.

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The £300 million deal will bring about an end to Mike Ashley's turbulent 15 years overseeing the club.

It's expected that the Public Investment Fund of Saudi Arabia, Reuben Brothers and PCP Capital Partners will own the club by Friday.

The takeover has been almost two years in the making and, as United languish in the Premier League relegation zone, has added an air of optimism around St. James' Park.

Newcastle World looks at what fans are saying online.

Of course, Newcastle’s charismatic forward wasn’t going to stay quiet on such a big day and shares his excitement at the news.

Many fans are feeling not just happiness, but relief as it looks like a turbulent period for the club may be coming to an end.

Another wrote: “Anybody not happy for Newcastle fans today (except maybe Sunderland supporters) - then you’re simply not a football fan... if any club deserves this it’s #NUFC.”

For some, it’ll be a return to loving the club they had fallen out with.

Others were already planning their party this evening in celebration.

Following that mood, one excited fan was predicting another shortage of fuel reserves this week... although not petrol.

Some fans might have already been depleting bar’s reserves, making tongue-in-cheek suggestions about United’s new transfer prospects.

One fan wrote: “Also, everyone telling us not to demand Mbappe as if we’re all totally deluded… Yes, I do demand Mbappe. By January. And I demand FIFA 22 changes its cover to reflect Mbappe’s change of club.”