The evolution of the Tyne BridgeThe evolution of the Tyne Bridge
The evolution of the Tyne Bridge

Tyne Bridge in history: 20 iconic photos from construction to protests and sporting stardom to solidarity

The Tyne Bridge has certainly played its role in history over the years, as these iconic images show.

For many in Newcastle, passing over the Tyne Bridge is a daily chore to get into the city centre - but how often do you stop to think about all the years of history that the iconic bridge has seen?

The bridge was first opened in 1928 by none other than King George V and is fast approaching its 100th birthday.

Over its lifespan, the Tyne Bridge has seen sporting events, protests, signs of solidarity and much more.

It's that iconic history that means that efforts to repair its current ageing state are so important. The government has approved a £41.4m grant to help rejuvenate the Tyne Bridge, but recent findings suggest even this figure may not be enough.

A detailed inspection of the bridge recently highlighted more problems than meets the eye including peeling paintwork, corroding steel, cracked concrete, leaking drains and multiple surface damage.

The report said: "Since the original funding bid was submitted there has been a significant increase in inflation costs in the construction industry. This has resulted in the estimated costs for the proposed works significantly increasing."

Repair work is estimated to take between 36 and 42 months, with heavy disruption for the 70,000 vehicles that use it every day.

As Geordies begin to think towards the future of the Tyne Bridge, NewcastleWorld takes a moment to look back in time at some brilliant photos of the bridge playing its part in history.