What has happened to the O2 Academy Newcastle?

The O2 Academy Newcastle has a long history of bringing reverred stars to the city, but it’s all-change on Westgate Road

For 13 years the O2 Academy Newcastle brought some of the biggest names in music to Tyneside.

The 2,000-person capacity venue has a rich history in the city centre, first opening as an entertainment venue all the way back in 1927.

Fast forward to 2022 and you may have ended up here wanting to look at the listings for the O2 Academy Newcastle, or perhaps you've walked past the iconic Westgate Road building and noticed something different about its front.

For the first time in 18 years, the building is changing hands and Geordies are going to have a new owner to get used to.

What has happened to the O2 Academy Newcastle?

The O2 Academy Newcastle closed for good in early 2022.

Some of the venue's social media channels have been shut down, with an Instagram post in July confirming that account would soon follow.

It prompted an outpour of love for the longstanding venue with many Geordies sharing their favourite memories over the years.

What will happen to the O2 Academy Newcastle building?

The O2 Academy in Newcastle

Fear not concert lovers, the O2 Academy Newcastle may be gone but the venue is remaining as a concert venue.

It will become NX Newcastle after being purchased by the Electric Group, which also runs Electric Brixton and SWX Bristol.

New owners are currently revamping the venue with a £1.75 million rebranding and adding mezzanine platforms to the new hall. The capacity of the main hall will be slightly reduced as a result, but the flow of the audience through the venue will be improved.

When will NX Newcastle open?

The venue will be known as NX Newcastle

Now you're reassured that the Westgate Road concert venue isn't going anywhere, you'll be dying to be back in its hallowed walls.

There's not much longer to wait either, with NX Newcastle opening in Autumn 2022.

The first event in the NX Newcastle calendar is Electric Callboy on Saturday, September 24, although it is already sold out.

There are tickets still left for a boogie at the ABBA Disco Wonderland on Thursday, September 29 - the second event in the calendar. See the full listings here.

What's the O2 City Hall - and how is it related to the O2 Academy Newcastle?

Crowds queue at the O2 City Hall in Newcastle (Image: Getty Images)

When you search for listings at the O2 Academy Newcastle, you'll likely be directed over to the team at the O2 City Hall.

The Grade II listed building is also owned by O2 and therefore shares branding with the former O2 Academy Newcastle.

It's now the company's flagship venue on Tyneside and, as such, is still attracting big names.

The City Hall boasts a capacity of 2,130 so is, perhaps surprisingly, bigger than NX Newcastle.