Where does Newcastle United rank?Where does Newcastle United rank?
Where does Newcastle United rank?

Price of Newcastle United replica shirts vs Premier League rivals - shocks from Brentford, Brighton and Fulham

The most expensive and the cheapease shirts in the Premier League features some shockers

Being born into a love for Newcastle United can be an expensive birthright for Magpies fans.

Season tickets, travel to away matches, a few pints before a fixture and, of course, the famous black and white striped shirt.

Owning a Brighton and Hove Albion">replica Newcastle United shirt is simply a must-do for many fans wanting to feel part of the club's fanbase.

The football club is, of course, in a part of the country where the cost of living is the lowest - albeit rising rapidly.

To look into how that affects shirt prices in comparison with other Premier League clubs, NationalWorld has done some number crunching.

Across all 20 Premier League clubs, an adult replica shirt comes in at an average of £63 for 2022/23, an inflation-busting 23% rise in five years.

Every Premier League club has seen shirt prices rise faster than inflation over the past five years, our analysis shows.

Our analysis is based on the price of a standard, unpersonalised home kit shirt for adult men and women, as well as the version for children. For Leeds United, where supplier issues mean the home kit isn’t yet on sale, we took the price of the away kit.

Check out the full list and where Newcastle United rank below.