REVIEW: Mimi Webb backs up TikTok fame with huge vocals at Newcastle University

It’s been a big year for the Kentish star who took to the Newcastle venue on Thursday night

Walking straight off a TikTok screen and onto the Newcastle University Students Union stage, Mimi Webb beams over her newfound fanbase.

Rewind two years to before the pandemic and the 21-year-old was nothing more than an aspiring songwriter dreaming of what could be.

When lockdown hit Webb took to posting short clips of tracks filmed sat in her car and the powerful app worked its magic.

The singer now boasts 1.2 million TikTok followers and 194,000 Instagram followers - many of whom are clearly on Tyneside given the jam-packed crowd at Newcastle University.

To have risen to such a stage in such a short time is remarkable, and a tribute to the positive role TikTok can play in unearthing talent, but Webb and her team have cut no corners.

With a relatively small discography, the Kent-born star sticks to a short but sweet 45 minutes on stage.

The show may not last long, but what Webb does, she does well.

After opening on hit single '24/5', the singer powers through the deeper cuts from last year's mini-album and throws in a cover of Justin Bieber and The Kid LAROI's 'Stay'.

Mimi Webb at Newcastle University
Mimi Webb at Newcastle University
Mimi Webb at Newcastle University

Even the tracks that haven't received the viral treatment online are sung back by a raucous Geordie crowd.

Webb's tracks all centre around various heartbreaks with quirky lyrics and soaring choruses - that combined with her social media know-how a recipe for success.

The star is more than just her charm too with bellowing, soulful vocals that are truly impressive.

At moments in the evening she appears a little bashful, taking a moment to catch her breath and realise just what is going on - at one point the show is stopped in its tracks completely as she spots a struggling fan in the crowd.

Webb has reason to be breathless too, growing this crowd in such a short space of time is remarkable.

It's early days, but as she finishes on a rallying cry of 'House On Fire' and 'Good Without', it's clear arenas are just around the corner.