Floating bridges, a lido & kayaking: How the future of Newcastle’s Quayside may look

The people of Newcastle are getting the chance to choose how they want the Quayside to look

NE1 has launched the next phase in its redevelopment of the Quayside and Geordies can see what the future of the iconic location may look like.

Initial concept visualisations focusing on five key themes have been produced, with images and ideas created by a series of North East architects in collaboration with Gehl, the world’s leading architects in urban design.

The themes have been chosen after a first round of public consultation in January and were explored in more depth in a workshop attended by businesses, residents, and key stakeholders in February.

These themes are greening the Quayside, connecting the Quayside to the city, history and heritage, lighting and activating the area, as well as making more of the River Tyne itself with attractions on and by the water.

Sketches of how the Quayside could look in the future have been produced as a starting point for further discussion.

At this stage the images are intended to illustrate concepts and themes and provide people with a series of ideas to choose from.

There are a lot of ideas to choose from (Image: NE1)

The initial visualisations suggest a floating bridge, potential lido, plenty watersports, cycle lanes and much more.

The online survey, the Maptionnaire, that accompanies these images encourages people to answer a series of questions and pick the ideas that most appeal to them, as well as suggesting those they feel would most benefit the wider community.

You can have your say on the future of the Quayside by completing a survey here by Friday, April 15. 

Plans hope to make greater use of the River Tyne (Image: NE1)

Commenting on the project and his hopes for this stage of the programme, Stephen Patterson, Chief Executive of NE1 Ltd said: “It is a hugely exciting time for the Quayside and the city.

“Over £850 million worth of development is earmarked for both sides of the river Tyne, with plans to build homes for 5,000 new residents and an estimated 6 million extra visitors to the area each year.

“Groundwork has already started on a number of these projects.

There’s also a focus on the city’s history (Image: NE1)

“Working closely with all major stakeholders and the public we want to seize the opportunity that this change and investment brings by developing a collective vision, an ambitious plan for the area for years to come, one that is bold and keeps the public realm in focus.

“This is not NE1’s vision for the iconic Quayside, it belongs to everyone.

“Working together we want to create exciting, lively, and sustainable public spaces between all the new buildings and development. With the public’s involvement and collaboration, as a city we can collectively decide what we want for our Quayside now and into the future.”