From Newcastle Bigg Market to Gatwick Airport: Max Fosh hits 1 million YouTube subscribers

Max Fosh started his channel in the North East and has hit a landmark moment after a viral prank at Gatwick Airport

A YouTuber who kickstarted his rise in Newcastle has celebrated hitting one million subscribers after his Gatwick Airport stunt.

Max Fosh took to posting videos on YouTube in 2017 whilst studying at Newcastle University.

The student would spend nights on the Bigg Market interviewing merry scholars about their lives, studies and nights out.

The series of videos took off and spawned into versions at other universities across the country.

Explaining the series on his LinkedIn, Fosh said: "Grab a microphone, grab a camera, head into the Newcastle city centre at midnight and interview everyone who would say yes.

"The videos have been very well received and to date, I have made a total of 33 videos and accrued a total of over 10 million views."

Since then, Fosh's videos have spanned visits to ComicCon, hunting down a stock model and even a prank running for London mayor.

The former Newcastle student watched his subscriber count on the platform keep rising until it hit the magic one million over the weekend.

The final push to get the internet sensation over the line was a viral prank in which he plastered a message of 'Welcome to Luton' at Gatwick Airport.

Travellers flying into the London airport would see the sign and have a moment of panic thinking they were landing 58 miles from their intended destination.

The light-hearted practical joke sent the internet into overdrive, saw Fosh featured on ITV's This Morning and became one of the BBC's most-read stories.

When the YouTuber posted the video online it pulled in 3.6 million views in just four days and brought with it the followers to push Fosh over the million mark.