Emotional outpour for Sam Fender as star admits having ‘downer’ at BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend

Sam Fender admitted to fans he wasn’t feeling great before his Big Weekend set

Sam Fender made fans' hearts melt during his BBC Radio 1 Big Weekend on Saturday night.

The North Shields star headlined the Future Sounds Stage at the Coventry event, putting on a show that was broadcast live by the BBC.

Fender delivered his usual set of endearing rock hits but did take a candid moment to admit to the crowd that he was struggling that evening.

The singer has spent most parts of 2022 on the road touring hit album Seventeen Going Under, playing sold-out shows in Newcastle and across Europe.

Before performing 'The Dying Light', a track which sees Fender look at loneliness and touch on mental health, the singer opened up to the crowd.

He said: "Thank you so much for coming out to see us because we had a lot of fear today and been having a bit of a downer.

"You guys have really, really helped us overcome something tonight actually, funnily enough.

"So thank you very much."

Fender didn't elaborate any further on the cause of his worries, although many fans guessed their hectic touring schedule had caught up with them.

One Twitter user said: "God hope they’re all ok, must be mind-blowing what they’re experiencing..world fave & everybody wanting a bit of them thinking of them all & sending much love & respect .. great night in Scarborough .. they must be worn out doing it all again at BBC 1 weekend today."

Another wrote: "Sam and the boys… we love you!

"World domination beckons, however make sure you all look after yourselves. Rest is very much needed."

On Facebook, one user said: "Bless them all - so worldly famous now - but still ordinarily, normal ‘ people, affected by so many things in so many ways I’m sure.

"Get some rest guys & look after yourselves. We can't do without you."

Another fan wrote: "Such a great set. Good seeing a musician share a bit of their inner world and buddy up with a crowd. @samfendermusic is an inspiration."